U14 and U12 WIN 2022 National INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP!

College Commitments

Harvard College

Sara Silarszka, 2021, Harvard College, Division I – Ivy League: “When I joined HUSEL Hockey Club two years ago, I told Coach Jenny that it was my goal to play at the collegiate level, and I will never forget her response - “we’ll make it happen”. This sentence is extremely representative of the dedication and passion Coach Jenny has for her club and for her athletes, and of the lengths all of the coaches will go to in supporting you through the recruiting process and through your development as an athlete. For the coaches of HUSEL, no goal is too big, no phone call is too much of a hassle, and no favor is too big to ask. The coaches care about you not only as an athlete, but as a person, and will unashamedly advocate for you on and off the field purely out of the desire to see you succeed in every aspect of your life. What I think is most special about HUSEL is the relationships the coaches form with their athletes. After every practice, Coach Jenny consults with us on what we want to see in the drills, line-ups, and plays, and integrates our observations into the next practice. This open communication and adaptability creates an environment of mutual respect and honesty that makes me excited to go to practice every day, and has helped me develop my leadership skills, field IQ, and confidence. These skills, and the expertise and wisdom the coaches of HUSEL have instilled into my game over the past two years, are invaluable to me as I enter this next chapter of my field hockey career, and I am forever grateful for the amazing people, experiences, and lessons HUSEL has brought into my life.”


Kylie McKinley, 2023, Dartmouth, Division I – Ivy League: “I came late to the sport, having been a soccer goalie in middle school. I discovered field hockey the Summer before high school, and fell in love with the sport right away. I knew I needed to train hard if I was going to be able to play the sport in college. I had the good fortune to find Coach Jenny and HUSEL Hockey Club, and I dove into training in earnest. The coaching staff’s initial focus for me was on two things: developing my technical skills and learning the strategy of the game. That focus allowed me to make great strides in a short amount of time. Coach Jenny also made sure I played in events that would stretch me as a player. Happily, I got to the point where playing in college was a real option for me. Coach Jenny then helped me develop a focused list of colleges that fit with my academic and athletic goals. I then worked with her to find the right showcase events to get me the right exposure, and when colleges began to reach out to me, Jenny did a great job in leveraging her amazing network and credibility to ensure the coaches had an accurate view of my skills and my potential fit with their program. I got into my dream school due in large part to Coach Jenny's great guidance and direction, and for that I will always be grateful.” 

Nicole Moran, 2022, Bucknell, Division I – Patriot League: “I say HUSEL family because that is what this club continues to mean to me, a family. The coaches and players create a competitive team culture that is truly unmatched. I have met lifelong friends on my teams that I will always cherish. In addition to that, the personal relationships you will have with the coaches are unparalleled. I would not be the player or person I am now if I did not have the mentorship and coaching from Coach Jenny Everett. She molded me into the player I am today and I could not have made it to the next level without the thousands of 1v1s and hours spent with Coach Jenny working on my skills. In addition, she was there for me during every step of the recruiting process and her connections and hard work helped make this possible. The Coaching staff’s field hockey background is another feature that sets HUSEL apart from many other clubs. Each Coach has competed at the college and/or national level. I am so thankful for HUSEL Hockey Club. It was the perfect club for me to grow and challenge my skills. I cannot wait to see the HUSEL empire grow!”

Maria Papas, 2022, Longwood University, Division I – MAC: "I first started field hockey my freshman year of high school. Funny enough, I hated the sport but after an overnight summer camp, I absolutely fell in love with it. From then on, it was my dream to play field hockey at the collegiate level. About two years ago, I signed up to play in a summer league with my high school team which ended up being the one Coach Jenny was in charge of. At the time, I had been playing with a different club, but I decided to try out for HUSEL just to see if I liked it. Turns out, that was the best decision I could have made for my recruitment process. Not only did I end up loving the team and how welcoming they were, but I loved the coaches and how they pushed me to work harder. In comparison to other training sessions I’ve had in the past, HUSEL is definitely the place where I have improved the most and became a better player. What I love the most about HUSEL is the ability to make practices fun and efficient while also being challenging for those who want to play at the next level. I never left a practice without learning something new and improving on a new skill. Recently, I have announced my commitment to continue my athletic and academic career at Longwood University. It was a long and tough process, but I couldn’t have done it without Coach Jenny, Coach Amber, and Coach April for helping me along the way. I am so happy to call this team my family and I’m going to miss this team immensely when I leave."

Natalie Morgan, 2022, Fairfield University, Division I - NEC

I came to HUSEL at the end of my junior year and even though I wish I switched clubs earlier, I am so glad that I made the switch. I was welcomed with open arms from not only Coach Jenny but all of my teammates. I learned so much in that short period of time and feel like I really improved as a player. Every practice is extremely productive and I have learned so many more skills which makes me feel very prepared to start my college athletic career. Recruiting for me was extremely stressful. I came to HUSEL in the middle of my recruiting process from a club where the coaching staff did not really help me with recruiting. When I saw how much coach Jenny cared about her players and their aspirations, it was really reassuring to me. She really tries to connect to her players on a personal level. I don’t think I would be playing in college if I did not make the switch to this club. Coach Jenny made sure to get us to tournaments that got all the players great exposure to college coaches and she really reinstilled a sense of confidence in me which I was struggling to find. I am glad to have the opportunity to play at the next level and so thankful that Coach Jenny and all of my HUSEL family made it possible! 


Halley Beaudoin, 2023, Bryant University, Division I - America East

Gwendolyn Via, 2022, Christopher Newport University, Division III - CAC

Davidson College, Division I - Atlantic 10

Emilee Forand, 2022, Transylvania University, Division III - SAA

Annie Ingersoll, 2022, Stevenson University, Division III - CAC


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