U19 and U14 finish #1 and #2 at USA FIELD HOCKEY DISNEY SHOWCASE!

U16 HUSEL Hockey Club Roster

Photo Name No. Position Grad Year
HUSEL Hockey Club Adia Elcock Adia Elcock 18 Forward 2023
HUSEL Hockey Alisa Calabro Alisa Calabro 25 Forward 2024
An Tran 38 Midfield 2024
HUSEL Hockey Ashley Kennedy Ashley Kennedy 10 Mid 2023
HUSEL Hockey - Bella Konchar Bella Konchar 20 Mid/Fwd 2024
HUSEL Hockey Club Chloe Whang Chloe Whang 23 Defense 2024
HUSEL Hockey Club Ellie Heslep Ellie Heslep 6 Defense 2024
HUSEL Hockey - Emily Bobek Emily Bobek 8 Mid/Fwd 2024
HUSEL Hockey Club Erin Farley Erin Farley 17 Defense 2024
HUSEL Hockey - Julia Bollini Julia Bollini 5 Fwd 2024
HUSEL Hockey Kaia Beaudoin Kaia Beaudoin 9 Forward/Mid 2025
HUSEL Hockey Kelly Via Kelly Via 19 Forward/Mid 2024
Kylie McKinley 1 GK 2023
HUSEL Hockey Marisa Rubano
Marisa Rubano 62 Midfield 2026
HUSEL Hockey Club Maya Rorick Maya Rorick 12 Forward 2024
HUSEL Hockey Club Natalie Moul Natalie Moul 36 Midfield 2024
Olivia Mann 40 Midfield 2023
Reese Otwell 44 Mid/Fwd
HUSEL Hockey Tatum Anderson Tatum Anderson 11 GK 2024



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