U19 and U14 finish #1 and #2 at USA FIELD HOCKEY DISNEY SHOWCASE!

U14 HUSEL Hockey Club Roster

Photo Name No. Position Grad Year
HUSEL Hockey Anna Menard Anna Menard 26 Midfield 2027
HUSEL Hockey Brogan Collins Brogan Collins 45 Defense 2025
HUSEL Hockey Daniella Rubano Daniella Rubano 10 Midfield 2028
HUSEL Hockey Emerson Burch Emerson Burch 77 Forward 2026
HUSEL Hockey Emma Teeuwen Emma Teeuwen 15 F/M 2027
HUSEL Hockey Grace Ver Planck Grace Ver Planck 14 Defense 2026
HUSEL Hockey Isabel Knizek Isabel Knizek



Defense 2026
HUSEL Hockey Kaelyn Hraback Kaelyn Hrabak 55 Defense 2027
HUSEL Hockey Lila Seifert Lila Seifert 27 GK 2025
HUSEL Hockey Madi Sullivan Madi Sullivan 34 M/D 2025
HUSEL Hockey Marisa Rubano Marisa Rubano 62 M/F 2026
HUSEL Hockey Natalie Stock Natalie Stock 56 Midfield 2025
HUSEL Hockey Sawyer Anderson Sawyer Anderson 35 M/F 2026
HUSEL Hockey - Trinity Serrano Trinity Serrano 70 M/F 2025
HUSEL Hockey Tallulah Fitzgerald Tallulah Fitzgerald 99 M/F 2025



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